ESS with Wheel,
How to use an electric car smarter!

What is V2G?

EVs are not just a means of transportation

EVs can earn profits from discharging during peak demand times when power is high.
EVs are mobile energy storage devices that support grids.

Why you should join VPPlab #1

Korea's first "V2G electric vehicle charging system linked to ESS for reuse of spent batteries"
Approval of regulatory sandbox demonstration special cases

[Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy; May 2022]

Solar & Wind power
Renewable energy and Plus DR Participation in the market
Reusable ESS
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Supply of electricity at affordable prices
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V2G charging and discharging

ESS-V2G(Vehicle To Grid)Solution

Wise use of surplus power! Economical V2G solution

It is possible to reduce vehicle maintenance costs by using EV batteries
as ESS in case that there is surplus power from renewable energy, thereby
charging EVs during off-peak hours and selling electricity during peak hours.

Why you should join VPPlab #2

Efficiency of EV operating costs

Charging EVs during off-peak hours and discharging them during peak hours to make additional profits!

Why you should join VPPlab #3

Transmission of alarms for discharge events

When the electricity bill is low, the charge alarm is set,
When it's expensive, we give you a discharge alarm in advance