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What is RE100?

RE100 stands for "Renewable Electricity 100%"
By 2050, 100% of the electricity used by companies will be used by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power
It's an international campaign to cover it.

Global companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung Electronics have declared their participation in RE100.
Since 2021, Korea has also introduced and implemented the Korean RE100 (K-RE100) system, which allows electric consumers such as companies to selectively purchase and use renewable energy power.
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Establish RE100 Implementation Goals

The first step toward achieving RE100 is to analyze the demand and power usage of the enterprise and set usage goals.

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Establishing power supply and renewable energy resources

Plan optimal goals for corporate consultations, such as purchasing RECs, PPA contracts, and investing in power plants,
Connect suitable renewable energy resources to achieve this.

Direct PPA
Third-party PPA
Purchase REC
Green Premium
Power plant investment
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Operation and additional business linkage

We link businesses that businesses need, such as carbon emissions trading, demand support management, and corporate power plant Q&M.

Carbon emissions trading
DR, Plus DR (Demand Resource Trading)
Small-scale power brokerage business, participation in real-time power market
Enterprise-operated power plant maintenance (Q&M)

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