Plus DR

How to make money while using electricity!

Get paid for using electricity at the scheduled time!

Sign up as a Plus DR resource with VPPlab to earn extra profit while using electricity

What is Plus DR?

* A plan to provide incentives for consuming electricity as planned at times when excess renewable generation is expected.

Why you should join VPPlab #1

Economical way of using additional electricity

Incentivized to use as much electricity as you plan in case of surplus power

Why you should join VPPlab #2

Optimized Power Operation Plans to Maximize Revenue

Estimation of optimal power operation plan by analyzing not only power supply,
demand and price, but also customer power usage patterns.

Analysis for Customer specific Plus DR plan

Why you should join VPPlab #3

Create new green business opportunities

We inform you of additional projects required to participate in Plus DR, such as investment
and operating costs, carbon emissions trading, on-demand resource management, etc.